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How to Trade Gold on Deriv


How to Trade Gold on Deriv

The Gold Index, Gold/USD, and Gold/EUR are the three available options to trade gold on Deriv. 

Deriv boasts of 5 trading platforms namely

  • DTrader
  • DBot
  • DMT5
  • DerivX
  • Smart Trader

But not all of them offer the trade of each asset. 

Good news: If you choose Deriv as your broker, you will have access to all 5 platforms. So all you will need to figure out is which platform offers which asset for trade.

Make Deriv your trusted broker now 

Better news yet: We seek to make it clear where and how you can trade gold on the Deriv trading platforms shortly. 

Gold is the world’s most common precious metal. For a lot of people, it’s beyond reach. 

But for the curious, the brown precious stone is worth studying and even trading. 

Deriv allows you to trade gold’s derivatives. This means that you don’t need to buy the asset in anticipation of it growing in value. Instead, you are allowed to speculate on its price patterns against other financial assets or sets of assets. 

Let’s dive right into how you can do this. 

How to Trade the Gold Index on Deriv

You can trade the Gold Index in the forex market on DTrader, DBot, and SmartTrader.

The Gold Index measures the value of gold against a basket of five global currencies (EUR, GBP, JPY, USD, AUD), each weighed by 20%.

The available trade types for this particular derivative are:

How to Trade Gold in the Commodities Market

Open any of Deriv’s trading platforms to speculate on gold’s performance against the EUR or the USD. 

The table below summarizes the trade types available under each platform. 

Deriv Trading PlatformAsset Tradeable
XAUEUR (Gold vs EUR)

Pros of Trading Gold on Deriv 

  • You can start trading gold with as little as $5 on Deriv. 
  • Using Deriv, you don’t need to buy and keep gold in order to make profits with the treasure. 
  • You have access to different contracts to customize your trade upon. 

Cons of Trading Gold on Deriv

  • Assuming risk with the derivatives options available on Deriv can cause you to lose all your trading funds.  

In Conclusion 

You don’t need a huge account to benefit from the volatility of the forex or commodities market. 

Deriv makes it easy for you to make a statement with whatever funds you have in your account. Proportional to your funds, you have a chance to gain when the price of gold moves according to your prediction. 

To top it all up, you can do all this hands-free on DBot. 

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